It emerges from latent maze of carefully assessed mind, eternal survey of "masculine" and "feminine". L'io poetante disvela : the male, reason and strength and still be able to, law, order. Patriarch Measure. The "You", the female, sense and ratio and the emotional pain that infuses, the sensible, encouragement to see the otherwise hidden, night. His is an "other" power: the overwhelming feeling of Nature, great mother's womb feral, that instills pleasure and death. Their forms, symbols inherent in the genetic.

Come on ...
you smile, man!
Do you have the Power.
A shot and the mountains crumble
s'arrossano rivers
fluctuating firs bow
buds open and will seize the smell.
No?…you can not?... Even a nod?…
Where is thy scepter?
Say ... say that his, the strength of her,
exceeds all forces?
Perhaps she has muscles, brain fit?
Oh yeah, without flailing her arms ...
the Woman ... when there is injury ...
... She ... the daughter of the sun ...

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